How to choose the best bet of the day?

The best way to choose the best bet of the day is to consult a source we trust, such as our experts’ betting tips category, and then select, based on our knowledge and criteria, the bet of the day that we think has a good chance of being correct.

Therefore, the important thing in these cases is to make use of this information to make a pre-selection of daily picks to bet on and then decide on the best one based on our knowledge and intuition.

What are bets of the day?

The bets of the day are those forecasts recommended by tipsters and specialised websites to bet on that specific day. They usually specify the sport, the competition, the specific event, the odds offered and, of course, the sports prediction to be made.

In this case, their value lies in the fact that they are usually interesting and not too high risk bets. Therefore, there is usually a good chance of being able to hit and get good results.

That is why these day bets are aimed at those bettors who are not sure where to place their bets, or if there are no popular events to bet on due to the calendar, such as, for example, a league, NBA or Champions League match day.

Is it possible to win 50 euros a day betting?

The short answer is yes. However, the reality is that maintaining a profit margin of $50 every day is extremely difficult, even if you choose your betting picks carefully.

Because as a sport, the favourite is not always going to win and if you bet on the favourite, you need to invest large amounts of money to make such a high profit. Therefore, if we make a mistake, the losses would be quite significant.

In short, to be able to win $50 a day with bets you would have to combine a great knowledge of the sporting events on which you are going to bet and, also, have luck at specific times when an important forecast can go wrong, as sports betting is not a science and none of it is 100% guaranteed.

How to choose the best odds for the bet of the day?

The most effective method is to have a user account at different bookmakers, so that we have the opportunity to compare and choose the best odds for the bet or bets of the day that we have decided to choose. In many cases, one bookmaker may offer a better odds than another for the same event. You can consult our odds comparator here.

At which bookmakers can I place a bet of the day?

You can actually place a bet of the day at any bookmaker, as we are dealing with odds chosen from those offered by the bookmakers themselves. Therefore, and unless it is a rare sporting event due to calendar issues, you can find all the bets of the day at any bookmaker.

Tips for placing your bet of the day

Here are some tips to follow when placing day bets.

Don’t just focus on day bets: Day bets are an excellent tool to get started in the world of betting, as they offer us the opportunity to get to know the different types of forecasts without having to invest a lot of time in research. However, this is a good thing for a novice bettor, but it should not become the norm for an experienced user, as it should simply be seen as a complement to the usual predictions that we normally make.

Manage your bankroll well: Although in many occasions the bets of the day will offer us winning predictions, we should not bet compulsively on these predictions, as they are almost always based on a favourable market for the favourite, which in practice does not offer 100% certainty. It is therefore necessary to know how to manage the stake we invest at all times.

Follow only reliable sources: On the Internet there are many websites and tipsters that offer daily bets. However, it is advisable to trust only those sources that, from experience, have demonstrated a certain reliability or transmit confidence.


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