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Different Styles Of Images

If you have consulted a reputed visual artists to capture your special day, one of the most important conversations that you will be having with him or her before your day is the style of imagery that you would like to have. This does not mean that you need to know all about th technical aspects of a certain style, it just means that if you can explain coherently to the artists about the feel and look you are going for, they can work to bring that out as best as possible. Here are some of the most popular styles in use today and how they work. 

Traditional style

This classic or traditional style of imagery is one that is throwback to the good old days when everything had only so much space and facilities to experiment. Therefore even the best wedding photographers then would tend to focus only on one main thing; how to get the shot right. This resulted in heavy posing, short images that are rarely full length and with surroundings captured in details, somewhat of a stiff nature and the likes. The best part of this style is that your parents and grandparents will be really happy with the images and you will get all of the right shots. The disadvantage is that you lose out on the experimentation and creativity and that you will miss all the fun while posing for the imagery.

Documentary style

This is the complete opposite of the above style. Most of the top wedding photographers who adopt this style will appear like some seriously skilled ninjas who just dart in and out without you even noticing them around but at the end of the day, would have captured perfectly beautiful and natural moments that you would have missed otherwise. There is no posing and you are captured exactly as you are in that moment. It gives you the gift of living through moments that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. The disadvantage is that you will miss out on getting those perfect shots of just you and your partner in the perfect location, at the perfect angle, at the perfect time. However, this is the most sought after style these days and with good reason.

Editorial style

This style is great for the couples who want to give their album the ultimate haute couture high-end look. Taking its inspirations from fashion imagery many of the artists who pursue this style have also worked in the fashion industry. The downside to this is that there is a chance of the imagery turning out looking like a fashion show and will not have the human element captured in them.